• Hassan Abbaszadeh

Thesis Title: Experimental And Finite Element Analysis of Geometric Parameters Effect on Auxetics Materials Mechanical Behavior Under Static Load

In this research, simulation and analysis of different geometric parameters of Auxetic cell structure was performed using finite element modeling. Verification of the results by empirical tests of the model produced by 3D printing technology and calculating transverse displacement by image processing.

  • ALi barkhordari

Thesis Title: Numerical and static analysis of auxetic plate under static bending load

In the presented thesis, numerical and static analysis of auxetic plate with reentrant structure under static bending and tensile loads are investigated.

  • Mona Hajiveyseh

Thesis Title: Finite element modeling quasi-static mechanical behavior of biodegradable biomaterials

In this research, the mechanical behavior of quasi-static biomaterials of bio-degradable biomaterials is investigated. Changes in mechanical properties, including the Yang modulus of the location function, were considered. The effects of how the porosity is distributed were also shown in this study.

  • Hamidreza Ansari

Thesis Title: Three dimensional design and finite element analysis of bone tissue engineering scaffold to improve mechanical properties

In this thesis, a practical process with optimal precision for the design of bone tissue engineering scaffold is presented and the effect of unit cell geometry on the mechanical properties and surface characteristics of the scaffold is studied.